Knocking Retinoblastoma Out of the Park

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Updated Tuesday September 19, 2017 by Denny Moton.

On Friday, August 11, 2017, a white glare was seen in 4 year old Cayden Permenter's eye. Her mother, Cara Permenter spotted this and she and her husband Chris, immediately took her to the ER. By Monday morning, they were told they needed to go to St Jude's for Cayden’s treatment. Many tears have been cried and prayers have been prayed. It was confirmed that Cayden has a rare case of Retinoblastoma. Cara writes: "We got the diagnosis today, and I felt like I couldn't breath when Dr. Wilson and Dr. Brennan said Retinoblastoma. We have decisions to make by Friday, because treatment begins as soon as Monday. We pray for guidance that we make the right decisions to get Cayden home soon.”


This left 2 parents having to make a very heartbreaking decision for their little girl, to remove her eye or undergo chemotherapy. They found that there is no guarantee that the removal of the eye would leave Cayden cancer free. Cara writes: "Today we got to talk with Dr. Brennan for over an hour about treatment options. As it stands, removal of her eye does not guarantee "cancer free". If any cancer cells have gotten outside the eye, she will have to have chemo after eye removal, and we can't know if cancer cells have left the eye until after it's removed. She has good vision in the eye so we are going to do the chemo route. Her MRI is tomorrow, but we are still thinking chemo is the best first line option. We are going to try to save her eye.”


Cara is a first year resident at University Health in Shreveport, La. Her and her husband will have to put life on hold as Cayden undergoes chemo for the next year. They will remain in Memphis, TN at St Jude's for at least the first 2 months. After the first two initial rounds, subsequent rounds of chemotherapy will be coordinated between both St Judes in Memphis and its affiliate at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center in Shreveport.  After 11 rounds of chemotherapy, it will be determined if more is needed or if surgery is required.  Please keep this family in your prayers that treatment is effective and Cayden can go on to lead a normal, healthy life.